place-per-use service

Purchasing in a package with your own account.

Our software service (SaaS) is not binding.

We deliver the evaluations in packages and thus spare our customers regular expenditures.

Evaluations can be requested individually or in any number in order to meet the current demand.

pay Per Score not per Click

As the location will simply not change during the sales period, our customers do not have to pay for location information again every month:

1x 1€

Our customers have the advantage to use the location score in order to present their offers to the right people. Therefore, the number of clicks that do not convert should not play a role:

1x 1€ → Click ∞

Our service should help to shorten sales periods. Therefore, we do not earn more from slow sellers with frequent advertisements:

1x 1€ → Time ∞

Fluctuating demand over months and years in advance is irrelevant to our customers, as they always cover the currently foreseeable demand:

20 + 81 → 101 x 1€

For all advertisements in one building at one address, our customers are charged only once.

100 Apartment Units/1 Address → 1€

The free transfer of the location score to at least one third party is possible via a partner account:

1€ → 0€

With the free partner account a second website can be operated as well.

1€ → 1/2 €