The customer can integrate the location score via an interface (API). The score is offered in 3 variants.

For each address query, a location value (score) and further detailed values (partial scores) are sent.


Scoring means that a utility value is determined, for example for residential purposes.

The more easily accessible the location and the more infrastructure there is, the higher the value in the comparison of the locations.



Matching involves interactive weighting according to personal preference, for example the proximity to means of transport.

The more importance is attached to a location factor, the more weight it receives in comparison to the other factors.



“Acticity Based Mobility” shows the accessibility without motor vehicles.

“Urban Scoring” distinguishes between green areas and inner-city locations.

“Climate Scoring” evaluates the climate at the location according to temperature and precipitation.

“Your Heat Map” is a map that uncovers the best places for preferred location characteristics.