Frequently asked place questions

What is PLACE QU?

The first location search engine in Europe

What difference does it make?

Location requests are answered via the right offers without any detours and delays

What is new about it?

Location scoring is based on simple algorithms that enable smooth transactions

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By means of the score we rank all offers according to their quality of location.

 A                               C   

Smooth processes help sellers, brokers and buyers to close a deal without prior termination.

                                    MY HOME

The quality of the location is clearly and objectively comparable and whoever evaluates comes back to it.

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Scoring and matching saves effort and avoids idle time and it increases the added value, allowing you to expand your business activities.

+ VALUE                             – EFFORT

Reachability (points of interest) and area values are determined and compared for any coordinates.

250m            OK             5min

Geodata from open providers or from project partners are used:


Not if you don’t want to, because via scoring, location qualities are immediately apparent on the basis of coordinates even without address reference.


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